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High Score
Stick Avalanche Stick Avalanche

Move your stick figure away from falling objects.
Stickman Shooter Stickman Shooter

A very basic first person shooter.
Stinky Issues Stinky Issues

Help Peppy Le Skunk in his quest to find the `Golden Be...
Storm The House Storm The House

Stop the men from destroying your house.
Stupid Dog Stupid Dog

Spank the dogs just before they pee on the carpet.
Subzero Subzero

A simple but fun game
Summer Soaker Summer Soaker

Soak as many bullies as you can.
Super Clicker v2.0 Super Clicker v2.0

You have 10 seconds to prove that you are a SUPER CLICK...
Super Flash Mario Bros Super Flash Mario Bros

Really good remake in flash of old Mario Bros.
Super Splash Super Splash

Your goal is the get the lifeguard wet.
Super Track 2001 Super Track 2001

Compete in three different events to build up your fina...
Worldcycle Survival Worldcycle Survival

Avoid the cars coming both ways and see how long you ca...
Tadpole Tadpole

Hold the left mouse button to swim up & release the...
Taz Coconut Catch Taz Coconut Catch

Help Taz catch the coconuts.
Taz`s Tropical Havoc Taz`s Tropical Havoc

Taz has landed on a lost tropical island. Help him avoi...
Tha Viruz v1.1 Tha Viruz v1.1

Guide the smilies and kill the spiders.
The Great Candy Caper The Great Candy Caper

Collect candy and make it to your grave safely.
LOTR: The Hidden Ring LOTR: The Hidden Ring

Click on all the Golden rings before your forget where ...
The Past The Past

How many waves of attacks can you survive?
The Solar Games The Solar Games

Travel the solar system, compete in different sporting ...
The Strongbow Rooms The Strongbow Rooms

Rescue your pint and get the girl of your dreams the st...
The Wire The Wire

You have 30 seconds to knock off as many birds off as p...
SD - Thrust SD - Thrust

Can you land your ship before your fuel runs out?
Time for Trouble! Time for Trouble!

Stop crewman Stormy Waters from installing the wrong ca...
Zack & Cody`s Tipton Trouble Zack & Cody`s Tipton Trouble

Help Zack and Cody hang posters in each of the hotel pi...
Tobby Stick Balance Tobby Stick Balance

Collect the diamonds while you balance Tobby on a stick...
Togy Ball Togy Ball

Play air hockey against the computer and be the first p...
Toss The Sausage Toss The Sausage

Toss the sausage round the globe. You must catch the sa...
Tower 13 - Adventures In Body Saving Tower 13 - Adventures In Body Saving

Swim out and stop the women from drowning.
Virtual Trapped In A Well Virtual Trapped In A Well

How many hours can you last?
Triathlon Triathlon

Compete in three different events to build up your fina...
Tricky Duck Volleyball Tricky Duck Volleyball

Gain Tricky Moves by using your volleyball skills and h...
Troll Rampage Troll Rampage

Humans have killed your wife and 5 children, now it is ...
Turkey Bowling 2005 Turkey Bowling 2005

Bowling with a Christmas twist. Yep its Turkey Bowling!
Turkey Shoot Turkey Shoot

Shoot all the turkeys!
Tv Game Show Tv Game Show

Guy Grinner hosts the TV Game Show where you compete fo...
Tweety Buster Tweety Buster

Steer the spaceship with your mouse. Shoot all the twee...
Ultimate Football Ultimate Football

Pass the ball to your teammates in white.
Ultimate Ping Ultimate Ping

you know ping!
Underground Underground

Collect artifacts, run away from crows with teeth, and ...
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